Colchester Real Ale Festival T-Shirts

Due to popular demand the links below now work again until May 6th 2024.

There were lots of people asking about our t-shirt which features the first 35 Colchester Real Ale and Cider Festival logos, right from the from the 1st festival back in 1985.

These are now again available to order for a a limited time through Streetshirts using the link below.[SSDJWofbMrxcshmxvZadbGTlSlLRUb]

All. The. Elephants

There’ also an Elephant Special T-Shirt available for a limited time too.[SSDhP7XB8zV0NHoE47Uda4qB3Xtm7V]

(When you come to order please note the Streetshirts preview shows the print extending off the edge of the t-shirt – this is just because the preview shows the t-shirt ‘as worn’ and the print wraps around the side).